This series will teach you the techniques to effectively paraphrase in summary writing.

This Secondary 2 Summary Writing  series includes 3 main parts

paraphrasing in summary

V1: Word substitution

V2: Clause swapping & Sentence restructuring 1

V3: Sentence restructuring 2

V4: Exercise 1 review

V5: Exercise 2 review

Total duration: 49 mn 28

2 Exercises

Exercise 1:

Scaffolded practice

Exercise 2:

Full practice


Marking by Teacher

Email your work to Teacher Rachael, an MOE-trained teacher, for marking and feedback

Feedback and advice sent by email

5 Handouts

(PDF downloads)

3 Summary writing handouts

Useful documents as reminders while paraphrasing in summary.

2 summary exercises

2 summary exercises

Two full exercise worksheets

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Course Curriculum

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  Part 1: Wort substitution
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  Part 2: Clause swapping & Sentence restructuring 1
Available in days
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  Part 3: Sentence restructuring 2
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  Exercice 1: Scaffolded practice
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  Exercise 2 : Full practice
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Secondary 2 Summary Writing

5 videos + 5 handouts + marking by Teacher


Who will the e-learning programmes benefit?

Our e-learning programmes are created for students

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What are the qualifications of the teachers marking and providing feedback?

All teachers at Thinking Factory are MOE-trained, current or ex-secondary school teachers.

They are experienced teachers with a number of teaching years behind them.

Am I required to print or scan materials?

Yes, for certain components, you are required to scan or take a photo and email the student's work to the teacher.

The teacher will then mark the work, provide feedback and email it back to the student.

All materials for the courses can be downloaded from the e-learning portal and printed.

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